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midunread thread Texas Man Gets 4060 Years in prison for Sex Assults jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
9:40 pm on
July 3 2008
midunread thread What's with all the feet? jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
8:28 pm on
June 18 2008
midunread thread Sudoku destroying Fabric of Western society jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
11:53 am on
June 10 2008
midunread thread Oral sex can give you mouth cancer Universal Sea by Universal Sea
11:05 pm on
June 8 2008
midunread thread Hillary Clinton calls her Female Supporters Crack heads jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
1:05 pm on
June 8 2008
midunread thread Greek Man sues over right to be called a Lesbian jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
1:03 pm on
June 8 2008
midunread thread The Rich Get Poor jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
9:59 am on
June 7 2008
midunread thread Previously remote amazon tribe, untouched, now all over the internet jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
9:51 pm on
June 2 2008
midunread thread Folding Flashlight/Machinegun jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
6:40 pm on
May 26 2008
midunread thread Trust Drug hitting legal market Universal Sea by jeffwith1f
6:46 pm on
May 22 2008
midunread thread DARTH VADER ATTACKS CHURCH OF JEDI jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
10:14 pm on
May 14 2008
midunread thread Man caught capturing the bottoms of over 3000 women in Italy Universal Sea by Universal Sea
3:10 am on
May 13 2008
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