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midunread thread Cockroaches frolic with robots Universal Sea by jeffwith1f
8:39 pm on
November 16 2007
midunread thread Pets are bad for the environment Universal Sea by Universal Sea
10:03 pm on
November 13 2007
midunread thread Man marries dog Universal Sea by Universal Sea
6:18 pm on
November 13 2007
midunread thread Drunken Elephants kill selves. jeffwith1f by jeffwith1f
12:49 pm on
October 23 2007
midunread thread Rabies could be extinct within 10 years Universal Sea by Jess
10:17 am on
October 15 2007
midunread thread How to disguise your dog Jess by Jess
4:31 pm on
September 11 2007
midunread thread Bee virus may come from Aussie bees Jess by Jess
3:11 pm on
September 6 2007
midunread thread Australian Wild Cat Stew Universal Sea by jeffwith1f
9:32 am on
September 3 2007
midunread thread Woman rejects camel's sexual advances, dies Universal Sea by Universal Sea
5:41 am on
August 20 2007
midunread thread One in 10 Canadian patients receives wrong medication Jess by Jess
8:20 am on
August 15 2007
midunread thread Male Panda gives birth to Twins jeffwith1f by Universal Sea
1:25 am on
August 11 2007
midunread thread Memories of China in Panda Poop Jess by jeffwith1f
10:27 pm on
August 9 2007
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