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Mixes Thread
by Understated
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x Unread post xUniversal Sea   - at 6:46 pm on Thursday February 15‚ 2007 x
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x Universal Sea C64
Subvert Central Podcast (Extended)
January 2007
192kps / 178 MB / 2hr 10min


01. Future Engineers – Eon (Covert Operations)
02. ASC – Bad Dreams (Covert Operations)
03. Antibreak – Isoline 3000 (Covert Operations)
04. Breakage – Lead Me On (Bassbin)
05. Blame – Livewire (720)
06. Dodz – Pensive (3am Hug A Stranger Rmx) (Make:Shift)
07. Krusada – With Hald-Closed Eyes (unreleased)
08. Intersidereal - Disturbed Balance (Red Mist)
09. Alpha Omega – Decade 303 (Thermal)
10. Blame – Skyline (720)
11. Amit – Swastika (Commercial Sucide)
12. Pete Rann - Shine Down On Me (Red Mist)
13. ASC – Cohesion (Covert Operations)
14. Logistics – Now More Than Ever (Hospital)
15. L Plus - Amo (TestFlight)
16. Seba & Paradox - Move On (Version) (Hospital)
17. ParadigmX – Pivitol Rmx (unreleased)
18. Profane – Tephlon Dub (unreleased)
19. Cryo - Ice In You (Red Mist)
20. Fanu – Tales From The Sea (Breakin)
21. Amit & Outrage – Unholy (Commercial Suicide)
22. Probe-One – Substance (TestFlight)
23. Breakage & Rohan – Ruff Dub (Bassbin)
24. Cryo – She VIP (Covert Operations)
25. @mospherixz - 6 Till 7 (unreleased)
26. Qumulus - Covert Science (unreleased)
27. Cryo – Girls And Their Demons (Covert Operations)

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x Unread post xUniversal Sea   - at 10:47 pm on Monday March 5‚ 2007 x
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x Universal Sea   

The fifth installment of Off Beat has come and gone with more most excellent music keeping in tradition of the monthly Off Beat experience. We had a few more brand new guests, and the sets are available for your listening pleasure. 192kbps for all you audiophiles.

Set 1: i-Element vs Dubklot and Scattermish & Deltoid
Length: 209:09
Size: 287MB

Excellent ambient into melodic IDM and some dubstep, followed by Scattermish & Deltoid's fine collection of breaks, downtempo and some dubcore. Could not open this in my editor for some reason, so it's a little quiet, and both duos are on the same stream.

Download it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?download=1&streamid=278
Stream it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?streamid=278

Set 2: Lephrenic
Length: 138:41
Size: 190MB

Requesting a middle set instead of opening or closing, Lephrenic showed off some of his finest mixing, everything from IDM to drum & bass was handled expertly. Even some alternative rock thrown in. The peak of the evening in terms of atmosphere.

Download it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?download=1&streamid=279
Stream it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?streamid=279

Set 3: Samuel L. Bronkowicz Presents...
Length: 76:46
Size: 105MB

One of the stand out performances in Off Beat's relatively short history saw this DJ better known as d-JCB introduce a slightly harder presentation of broken beats, bordering on breakcore, non 4/4 signatures, and some chilling IDM.

Download it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?download=1&streamid=280
Stream it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?streamid=280

Set 4: Sea
Length: 76:49
Size: 105MB

Certainly my craziest set to date, everything from breakcore to classical to classic rock to IDM, hip-hop, downtempo, swing, ambient and 3/4. This is the first time I've had a dance floor, the people who remained until the end loved it.

Download it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?download=1&streamid=281
Stream it: http://www.umfm.net/radio/streams.php?streamid=281

My playlist:

Venetian Snares - Szamar Madar
Ennio Morricone - The Ecstacy of Gold
The Beatles - I Am The Walrus
J Dilla - Gobstopper
Ratatat - Bustelo
Yngwie Malmsteen - Flamenco Spanish Guitar Solo
Les Triplettes De Belleville - Cabaret Aspirateur
Royksopp - Night Out
Legowelt - Svolvaer
Quantic - Time is the enemy
Cex - I Said It Knowing Full Well I Had No Intention Of Doing It
Mozart - Mass in C Minor
Kode 9 and Spaceape - Samurai
Mum - We Have a Map of the Piano
Universal Sea - Worm Awakening
Blockhead - Long Walk Home
Frog Pocket - Vaedre
J Dilla
Marc Hype & Jim Dunlop feat. Sara Bourgeois - The Mexican
Soul Diggers - Soul Dig
Vandal - Dusty Wonton
Plaid - Headspin
Portsmouth Sinfonia
Foreign Beggars feat. Dr. Syntax - What Goes Up
Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
Cookie Monster - C is for Cookie
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x Unread post xUnderstated   - at 9:35 pm on Tuesday April 10‚ 2007 x
x really didggin this mix... x
x Understated Rents - They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore: A Throwback Mix
I'm back again and this time with an old skool vibe. Everything in this mix was released between 1993- 1996. I loved a lot of the stuff that came out then because it brought together so many styles like acid, techno, trance (when it was a respected genre) and breakbeat.

If you liked my first ever mix or 'Going Through the Motions' then should dig this one.

Thanks to Biologik for the hosting

Download here:
Rents Throwback Mix


Rents - They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore: A throwback mix

1. Mental Generation - Cafe Del Mar (Underworld mix)
Released: 1996 (Effective Recs)

2. Autechre - Chatter
Released: 1994 on a compilation called 'Artificial Intelligence 2'

3. Mephisto Odyssey - Dream of the Black Dahlia (keyboard mix)
Released: 1994 (Mephisto Recs)

4. Symbiosis - Dreamlight
Released: 1996 off the album 'Clandestine Electronic Subculture'.
A heavily overlooked electronic classic.

5. Spacetime Continuum - Flurescence
Released: 1993 (Reflective Recs).
Off the classic and rare 'Flurescence ep' and probably Jonah Sharp's finest moment.

6. Universal Machine - Arboreal Sunrise
Released: 1996 on Gavin Hardkiss's Sunburn label.

7. Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld remix)
Released: 1993 (Butterfly Recs). One of Underworld's best remixes.

8. Speedy J - Basic Design
Released: 1993 off the album 'Pepper'.

9. Robotman - Do da Doo (Plastikman's acid house remix)
Released: 1994 (Novamute Recs). Stunning acid remix from Hawtin.

10. Sven Vath - An Accident in Paradise (William Orbit and Spooky remix)
Released: 1993 (Eye Q recs)

11. Sabres of Paradise - Inter-Lergen-Ten-Ko
Released: 1995 (Warp recs)

12. Underworld - Dogman go Woof
Released: 1994 (Junior Boys Own recs)

13. Goldie - Inner City Life (Rabbit in the Moon's vocalic city remix)
Released: 1996 (FFrr recs)

14. Hazed - Bells
Released: 1994 (Plus 8 Recs). A pseudonym of David Christophere from

15. Josh Wink - Funky Elevation
Released: 1996 from his 'Left Above The Clouds' album.

16. Anoesis - Heavy Water
Released: 1994 (D*Fusion recs)

17. Astral Matrix - Towards Omega
Released: 1996 (OOBE Recs). Only 1000 copies pressed.

18. Rabbit in the Moon - O.B.E. (phase 3: Burning Spear)
Released: 1994 (Hardkiss recs).
Hands down one of the strongest EPs ever released. All 5 phases are incredible.

19. Castle Trancelott - The Gloom
Released: 1996 (Slate Recs)
Don't be fooled by the artist name, this is such a trippy track.

20. Underworld - Pearls Girl (LIVE VERSION)
Released: 1996 (from the 'Everything Everything' live release.)
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x Unread post xUniversal Sea   - at 7:06 am on Tuesday July 17‚ 2007 x
x Various IDM mixes x
x Universal Sea Link: Various IDM mixes

I'm starting with the one featuring the Exillion track.
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x Unread post xUnderstated   - at 9:59 pm on Tuesday September 11‚ 2007 x
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x Understated edited... *double post*
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Edited by Understated on September 11‚ 2007 at 9:03 pm
x Unread post xUnderstated   - at 10:02 pm on Tuesday September 11‚ 2007 x
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x Understated Portishead's Dj Andy Smith Essential Mix April 23, 1995

Part One


Part Two

# Portishead - "untitled" (Go Beat)
# Portishead - "Strangers" (Go Beat)
# Depth Charge - "Number 9" (Vinyl Solution)
# Original Concept - "Can You Feel It" (Def Jam)
# Brand Nubian - "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down" (Elektra)
# artist unknown - "My Thing" (Skool Beats)
# James Brown - "Blind Man Can See It" (Corel)
# Barry White - "Can't Seem To Find Him" (Pye)
# Franco Micalizzi - "Affano" (Cem)
# Lalo Schifrin - "Scorpio" (Viva)
# Rhythm Heritage - "Theme from SWAT" (ABC)
# Marva Whitney - "Unwind Yourself" (Famous Flame (Bootleg))
# Ray Charles - "The Train" (His Masters Voice)
# The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - "Spreadin' Honey" (Jay Boy)
# The Winstons - "Amen Brother" (Streetbeat)
# Barry Gray - "Theme From Space 1999" (RCA)
# Horace Ott - "Gordons War" (Cobalt)
# Jimi Hendrix - "Crosstown Traffic" (Track)
# The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - "Fire" (Track)
# The Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache" (Streetbeat)
# The John Gregory Orchestra - "Griff" (Phillips)
# Lou Donaldson - "Pop Belly" (Street Beat)
# A Tribe Called Quest - "If the Papes Come" (Jive)
# The Crooklyn Dodgers - "Crooklyn (Instrumental)" (MCA)
# Portishead - "Sour Times" (white label)
# Craig Mack - "Flava In Ya Ear" (Bad Boy)
# Show and AG - "Next Level" (Payday)
# Gang Starr - "The 7 Remainz" (Chrysalis)
# Bahamadia - "Total Wreck" (Chrysalis)
# Black Sheep - "The Choice is Yours" (Mercury)
# A Tribe Called Quest - "Oh My God" (Jive)
# Portishead - "Sheared Times" (Go Beat)
# Nine - "Whutch Want [Acapella]" (Profile)
# Federation - "Rusty James" (Mo' Wax)
# The Mystic Moods - "Cosmic Sea" (Warner Bros)
# Lalo Schifrin - "Dirty Harrys Creed" (Viva)
# Gordon Staples - "Strung Out" (Motown)
# artist unknown - "Streets of San Francisco" (Silva Screen)
# Pretty Purdie - "Soul Drums" (Soul Syndicate)
# Weather Report - "Non Stop Home" (Columbia)
# The Beatles - "SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [Reprise]" (Parlophone)
# Stevie Wonder - "Light My Fire" (Tamla Motown)
# Manzell - "Midnights Theme" (Vinyl Dogs)
# Massive Attack - "Karmacoma EP" (Wild Bunch)
# Portishead - "Numb" (Go Beat)
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x Unread post xUnderstated   - at 11:59 pm on Friday September 14‚ 2007 x
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x Understated i have no tracklisting for this... but it's a chill chill housey/downtempo/trip hop/oldschool/classic sounding downtempo mix... great for chillin' and illin'...

Jose Padilla live at Cafe Del Mar - 09-10-1995
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x Unread post xUnderstated   - at 1:09 am on Monday September 17‚ 2007 x
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x Understated

Posted by Rentboy:

Check it.


Some info pertaining to what drumfunk is courtesy of my old mate, Wikipedia:

"Drumfunk is a subgenre of drum & bass sometimes referred to as "edits" or "choppage". The term came into widespread use ca. 2000, when drumfunk itself began to expand. The hallmarks of drumfunk records are complex breakbeats which sound as though they are being played live on a drumkit, but are usually composed of samples which have been processed and rearranged electronically."

"It is usually composed of drum samples from old funk records which are relatively obscure."

TRACKLIST (most of the main players are present)

Paradox and Nucleus - Musik Box
Seba feat Robert Manos - Gold and Diamonds
Breakage - I N I
Break and Survival - Cronk
Macc - Wrong to Perfection
Paradox - Pride of Sixtynine
Alaska and Nucleus - The Nautilus
Sileni - Cold Sweat
Macc and Dgohn - 15 Bit
Justice - Transit (Alaska/Paradox remix)
Breakage - Rise
Electrosoul System - No One Knows
Ricky Force - 4 Now
Fracture and Neptune - Continuities
Seba - Forever
Nucleus and Paradox - Love Her (version)
Peshay - The Nocturnal
Fanu - Garmonbozia
Equinox - Filteration
DJ Trax and Paradox - Entity
Alaska - Rare Earth

Enjoy and all feedback is welcome smile
Thanks to Biologik for the hosting.

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x Unread post xUnderstated   - at 1:41 am on Saturday October 6‚ 2007 x
x x
x Understated not sure how long this link will stay up... but here's a neat little one... smile

it's like an electronic music genre mashup... but not one of those annoying hip hop style mashups that change too quickly and have no flow. this one's cool... (listened to 1/2 the set so far...)

Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z0hbvc

1994-09-11 DJ Dimitri From Deee-Lite

Shawn Penn - "You Don't Love Me" (No No No)
Knite Force - "Special Force" (Knitforce)
Kemet - "Agony" (Kemet)
Potential Bad Boy - "Warning" (Ibiza)
General Levy & M Beat - "Incredible" (Renk)
Smokey Joe - "A Special Request" (Labello Bianco Alive Vinyl)
Deee-Lite - "Sampladecie Junior Jumbo" (Electra)
Patra - "Worker Man" (Epic)
Underground Sounds Of Lisbon - "So Get Up" (Tribal America)
Valli Rose - "Shame" (Black Rose)
Liberty City - "If You Really Love Someone" (Murk)
KD Lang - "Lifted By Love" (Sire)
Pizzaman - "Tripping On Sunshine" (Loaded)
Deep Forest - "Deep Forest" (Sony/Epic)
Worldwide Tribe - "Africa Africa" (Atlas)
Deee-Lite - "Bring Me Your Love" (Electra)
Johnny Viscious - "Lolleta Holloway" (Viscious Music)
Hardtrax - "House Is A Feeling" (Hardtrax)
Do-Ra-Le - "No One" (20 Green)
Cappella - "Move On Baby" (ffrr)
Hard Trax - "Hardphunk" (Probe)
Pleasant Chemistry - "Violins" (Lobato)
System X - "System X" (Subvision)
DJ Mink - "Hey! Can U Relate" (white Label)
DJ Icee - "Energy Trax Vol 1" (white Label)
Central Fire - "This Is A Shout Going Out" (Witch)
Zone - "Ghosties" (white Label)
Deee-Lite - "River Of Freedom" (Electra)
Ade - "Change The World" (Shut Up & Dance)
DJ Duke 0 - "Turn It Up" (ffrr)
Jaydee - "Music Is So Special" (R&S)
Provetto Tribal - "Soul Boots" (D-Vision)
Off The Shelf - "The Trap" (Amato Disco)
Dubtribe - "Eighty East" (Organico)
Freestyle Orchestra - "Keep On Pumping It Up" (white Label)
Stereo Gen - "Hold Me" (Vinyl Addiction)
KC Flight - "Let's Get Jazzy" (RCA)
Prodigy - "The Narcotic Suite" (XL)
DJ ICEE - "Energy Trax" (white Label)
C2R - "Love Me Right" (Knight Life)
The Cotton Club - "Make It Rock" (Fantastic)
Deee-Lite - "Somebody" (Electra)
Craig Mack - "Flava In Ya Eat" (Bad Boy)
Naz - "The World Is Yours" (Colombia)
Boogic Monsters - "Recognized Threshold Of Negative Stress" (Pendulum)
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x Unread post xxUnderstated   - at 9:00 pm on Friday February 1‚ 2008 x
x x
x Understated Mellow dnb mix from DJ Galaxi

01 - Aquasion - Allegra [Advection Music]
02 - ASC - Astra [Unreleased]
03 - Equinox - Barcelona Um [Unreleased]
04 - Nusesnse - S.A.T. [Unreleased]
05 - Pete Rann - Unified [Unreleased]
06 - Tidal - Fundamental Nature (Galaxi VIP) [Unreleased]
07 - ASC - Alphane Moons [Vibez]
08 - Tidal feat. Candice G - Brown Sugar [Unreleased]
09 - Deep Gemini - Into The Blue [Advection Music]
10 - Antibreak - Wear Your Seatbelt [Red Mist]
11 - Method One & Jamie Myerson - Destiny [Unreleased]
12 - Deep Gemini - Deepness In The Sky [Advecton Music]
13 - Ezeekil - Planet Oblivion [Unreleased]
x x x
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