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WORKLOG 2003/04
by Jess
x Unread post xJess   - at 6:06 pm on Wednesday April 16 2003 x
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x Jess 1 TUES:
- bit of work for Germain (iSnap logo for sponsors page)
- TFBA - links
- job search, monster (not much)..

2 WED:
- faxed applications, Clay dropped off cheque
- worked on TFBA for much of the day getting links to go in db and edit. Added all of Arch. sites links. 6hrs
- Nancy wrote back saying they need an app from sea and proof of income (tax return) couldn't get in touch with clay to ask about this.
- Marie wants to call to talk about CIS, did a bit of work on sponsors page, downloaded corel to open snap logo, will need to redo sponsors pg. Supposed to meet her & David for lunch fri.@Montana's

- sheila wrote, asked about another payment. Gave her update on site.
- talked to Marie on phone re: cis. Got access to server (change password later?) Found older psd file, need to fix table with the two guys and find a way to make text wrap around circular graphic??? Posted question on webdevforums.
- asked Nancy if letters of engagement were okay and she said yes. Will need to get as many as possible to her by e.o.d.

4 FRI:
- meeting w/Marie, did some stuff beforehand
- creative time in the afternoon. Worked on something in Flash I think.. yeah the gay thing I made in Corel.

5 SAT:
- not much work. Avoiding it this w/e. CIS rollovers I think?

6 SUN:
- cleaning. Not much work. Fuzzed out images on CIS I think.

7 MON:
- problem with TFBA db, had it restarted by the e.o.d.
- CIS stuff, most of day - resizing page, adding content, rollovers (re-export graphics)
- 1 hr on TFBA entering links, backed up db wrote to Sheila, paypal problems again, last payment not clear, wait till wednesday to try again..

- spoke to support @ nexicom, finally got access to server and able to upload. Uploaded main New Dealers page.
- talked to Marie on phone for various issues, mainly resizing & content.

9 WED:
- CIS site - all day.

- Toronto, got some cheques printed, changed address to BV, looked at lofts, got a shelf from Ikea and Smudge the lambie.

11 FRI:
- sent invoice to Marie for BR site. Asked about CIS. ?s about OP site before quote. (worked 1 hr)
- tfba 1 hr?
- creative time, worked on VS graphics.

12 SAT:
- cleaned upstairs bedrooms, bth. Visited Grandma help with her signs.
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x Unread post xxJess   - at 4:26 pm on Thursday April 17 2003 x
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x Jess 13 SUN:
- ANNIVERSARY! Walked around BV, went to wendy's, bought puzzle, drank our bordeaux from france. Watched MIB2

14 MON:
- 4 hrs TFBA, fixed shopping links, moved on to resources.
- andrew stopped by, failed driving test. Think there's a conspiracy afoot. Mentioned that Andy might need a CMS-type thing. Will email him to find out more. JRs living with Amanda in TO - got a job @ the zoo.
- looked for Bell alternatives and to see how much I owe them from before.
- Sea asked Graham some ?s about new reseller's prgm. Thinking about switching from OLM already.

15 TUES:
- most of day on TFBA links, started to fix up image for amulets article
- spoke to Marie on phone, will mail cheque. Fixed dates and minor text on BR registration form. Orientation meeting on May 2 @ 9am.
- spoke to Nancy. Some guy is supposed to pay deposit on 223 Wednesday.
- worked on PHP Woman superhero. =]

16 WED:
- wrote to Andrew to clarify loft situation and ask about Andy. Will write to Andy tomorrow? - No word from Nancy - will call in the AM and maybe we'll switch back to 223. Also spoke to JR on phone (which is why I wrote Andrew).
- finished amulets images but might have to redo one because it's too wide. Asked Sheila about that next article and told her I'd have to work on the display for them. (2 hr)
- did the last two CIS menu rollover graphics. (1.5 hr)
- Moved worklogs into VS forum.

- 10:00 - 12:00 TFBA - changing articles display. Added new fields. Yawn.
- write Andy Forrest, replied saying Andrew misunderstood him. Made tentative plans to visit his office.
- spoke to marie re: CIS invoice, emailed it to her, meeting Sat.@3
- wrote Nancy, asked about the place
- start packing?

18 FRI:
- creative time, worked on vs interface.
- sorted through stuff, papers, reciepts, bills?

19 SAT:
- met with Marie, paid cheque $310, discussed updates for CIS, login, OP site layout and programming for updates. Email addresses - typed notes (1hr)
- Sheila wrote, mentioned her hubby will want a small site done. Replied and said sure.

20 SUN:
- family "do" spent day cleaning, helping and entertaining. S chickened out and hid. Hung out w/Clay, discussed loft situation (Nancy.)

21 MON:
- mom sent list of van rentals and costs.
- dowloaded htmlarea script for posts, works okay but coversion for tfba might be a pain and not worth the trouble.

22 TUES:
- Germain: called Sylvia, spoke to Bruce, Marie will have to call about email addresses, section of site to add/modify. Won't install PHP on NT server. (1hr) David sent psd for new nav on members section CIS asked about missing text, - looked for login script (2 hrs) couldn't find anything secure, worked on quote (3hrs) Write Marie to let her know what are options.
- reserved van after much deliberation. Pick up Friday May 2 @ 8am. Will go to meeting but may leave early for TO before 5. Mom will return Sat afternoon.
- phone set up. Couldn't do dSl till phone hooked up. Someone will need to let them in on AM of May 1?

23 WED:


25 FRI:
- dodd supposed to come down for test.

26 SAT:

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