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UMagazine Submission Guidelines
by Jess
x Unread post xJess   - at 2:09 pm on Friday August 22‚ 2003 x
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x Jess In an effort to help you better understand how UMagazine works, we have posted these Official Guidelines for UMagazine Submissions.

What is UMagazine?

UMagazine, launched February 6, 2001, has quickly become the bold voice for the Universal Metropolis family of media in its fearless approach to observing the world around us, unbound by predetermined formulae. To this end, UMagazine as become our “Alternative Information Resource.” New submissions are continuously added throughout the day making UMagazine the most dynamic and interesting source of info on the Net.

Who Reads UMagazine?

The magazine, as part of the Universal Metropolis family of websites, receives over one million hits per month and boasts thousands of monthly readers. UMagazine occasionally sponsors live events that fit its ideals and have global flexibility in having its contributors close to major world centres.

Often readers find us through obscure search engine results and remain out of curious exploration of what our pages have to offer. Others visit regularly to find an alternative view on everyday events. UMagazine readers have represent no specific geographical locale or social status. It is a magazine for you and for everyone.

Who Can Write for UMagazine?

UMagazine is a free, community-powered magazine that brings people of all interests together. All members of our online City community have the ability to submit content to UMagazine, simply by posting anywhere in the City. The best articles submitted within the City are republished in UMagazine. Our regular writers are also featured as columnists. Although the majority of the content is contributed by the greater, worldwide City community, occasionally UMagazine licenses unique and thought-provoking articles from other sources. If you wish to contribute to UMagazine without signing up for the community, please feel free to contact the editor.

What Can you Submit?

Because UMagazine is built under the everlasting freedoms of media and speech, we will not censor your opinions. The magazine is largely unmoderated and there is no subject we will avoid. However, the editor does reserve the right to edit or delete any submissions should they be deemed excessively provocative or in poor taste.

If you have borrowed from another source, we ask that you provide a URL to that source and give credit to the author/publisher of the work. Otherwise, all submissions become the shared copyright of yourself and UMagazine.

Because UMagazine is driven by community submissions, our content runs the gamut of what interests our community members. Content is generally structured into the five main human senses: sound, sight, touch, taste and scent. This is just a general method of categorisation, however; and when you submit an article, you are given more specific subcategories from which to choose. These consist mainly of:

¨ Animals & Creatures
¨ Arts & Theatre
¨ Baseball
¨ Business
¨ Comedy
¨ Community Happenings
¨ Computers & The Internet
¨ Countries & Politics
¨ Current Affairs
¨ DJs, Bands & Musicians
¨ Family & Parenthood
¨ Fashion & Style
¨ Food & Drink
¨ Health
¨ Homes & Interior Design
¨ Leisure Activities
¨ Literature
¨ Local
¨ Movies & Film
¨ Music & Recording
¨ Nature & Environment
¨ Poetry & Prose
¨ Product News
¨ Rants, Raves & Concerts
¨ Recipes
¨ Restaurants, Bars, Clubs
¨ Science & Space
¨ Stupid Lawsuits
¨ The Media
¨ Toys & Games
¨ Travel
¨ UM Events
¨ UMFM Radio
¨ Web & Media Development
¨ Wordolg Baseball
¨ World Football
¨ World Sports

Occasionally new categories are added for relevance; so if you don’t find an appropriate category for your submission, contact the editor and we’ll try to accommodate your request.

At UMagazine, we look for articles that are:

Useful – informative articles should be as broadly and thoroughly researched as possible while making an effort to keep it concise and to the point. We don’t require footnotes or bibliographies; but if a source is noteworthy, please feel free add it as reference. We encourage the use of lots of hyperlinks in the body of your work. Please ensure that these links are valid by previewing your article before submitting it.

Unique – especially in humourist pieces, we appreciate originality and freedom of thought. We thrive on difference of opinion and free expression. Just don’t expect everyone to always agree with you.

Insightful – try to go the extra mile and present some of your own conclusions if those of others don’t cut it. They shouldn’t be packaged as “The Truth” but it is helpful to know your motives for endeavouring to tackle any given subject.

Resourceful – use relevant dates, locations and other pertinent details; especially when writing about specific events. If applicable, always provide a URL to the source of the story or relevant details.

Also bear in mind that when you post a story, you should try to keep it up to date with comments if any new developments occur that are related to the story. We want to keep UMagazine as timely and accurate as possible.

While we are somewhat flexible in terms of format and tone, we ask that for the sake of our readers’ interests, you observe some degree of brevity. Especially in the case of opinion or fictional pieces. While regular posts and articles have no limit to the number of words allowed, “blurbs” (short articles accompanied with an image and link) are restricted to a maximum of 2500 words.

Because of our stance on censorship, we will rarely edit your submissions. In light of this, it is advisable to thoroughly proofread for spelling, grammatical and factual errors. Your work will be judged by our readers on its own merit, with the assumption that we do not provide a great deal of editorial guidance. This is because we choose what we deem the best work provided to us, as opposed to soliciting the work from you directly.

All full-length articles and blurbs require images. We have no problem with linking to images hosted elsewhere; however, they must be in a web-enabled resolution and format (72-96 dpi, JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP) and should be no wider than roughly 450 pixels so that it does not break up the UMagazine interface. If you have designed your own image but do not have a server on which to host it, you may make a request to the editor to put it on our servers; however, we reserve the right of refusal under any condition and we ask that you exhaust all other options beforehand. Some images that you post may not appear as they are hosted on certain free server accounts (such as Geocities); therefore it is advised to always preview your post before you submit it, to be sure that the image will show up.

How to Submit

If you're interested in writing for UMagazine and you don’t already have an account on our City community site, you can get started by registering a free membership. Right away you can start posting in the UMagazine forum or any place of your choice. Have a look around and you might find a place that better suits you and your interests.

To post, you are given a number of choices:

New Poll – The ideology of a good poll is to pose a question that is not so presumptuous to have already answered itself. Try to keep it as objective as possible. Give some details, again trying not to sway voters. Select one of the available categories. Then enter all of the possible answers and hit submit.

New Headline – A headline is just a simple link to a story found elsewhere using the title as the headline. You can enter a subject that provides some more detail. Enter the URL to the story including the “http:/ /” Then select one of the available categories and hit submit.

New Article – An article is the ideal format for UMagazine content. It can be given top priority on the main UMagazine interface but also requires the most work. It is strongly advised that you continuously preview your article as you write; or save a rough draft in a text editor, in the case that you might lose your connection to UMagazine while you are composing it (computer crashes, power outage, etc.) Enter title, a brief description and your name or select your name from the dropdown menu if you have already submitted work to UMagazine. Enter an image URL for the article including the “http:/ /” and a short description for the image. Select one of the available categories. Enter a location either from which you are writing or as it relates to your article. Then enter the article content. Please review our list of UMcodes for formatting here plus some other handy tips. We would prefer that you avoid using smilies in your submissions. Please preview the article before submitting to ensure that everything is working properly.

New Blurb - A blurb is a short or truncated article. It can be given a high priority on the main UMagazine interface. Enter title, image URL including the “http:/ /” Select one of the available categories. Then enter the blurb content. Please review our list of UMcodes for formatting, plus some other handy tips. We would prefer that you avoid using smilies in your submissions. Enter a link back to the original story including the “http:/ /” Please preview the blurb before submitting to ensure that everything is working properly.

New Thread – A thread is no different from content to be submitted anywhere else in the UM City. Simply enter a title and the content using UMcodes for formatting if necessary.

It should be noted that your submission does not automatically make UMagazine until one of our moderators chooses it for the magazine. If you find that your submission hasn’t been selected, please feel free to contact the editor to notify us.

Also please note that because UMagazine is currently ad and sponsorship-free, we are not able to compensate our writers monetarily for their submissions. Your reward is the exposure to several thousand unique visitors and the admiration and respect of your peers in the City community. Because your City membership is free, we consider your creative contributions as payment for all that City offers. In return, we provide you with UM$, with which you can purchase virtual items and services for your City alias. When you accumulate enough UM$, you can buy your own place. This is essentially your own forum, where you are given moderator privileges and have control over your own content.

If you have any further questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the editor.
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Edited by Jess on September 5‚ 2003 at 9:52 am
x Unread post xJess   - at 4:34 pm on Thursday September 4‚ 2003 x
x Furthermore.. x
x Jess I just stumbled on a good reference for improving your writing style:


If I find more things like these, I'll post them here.
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x Unread post xUniversal Sea   - at 1:59 pm on Friday February 13‚ 2004 x
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x Universal Sea If you're from a third-party company and prefer one of our writers to submit a story for you, please contact our office. If this is a commercial venture then a small fee may apply - we are open to suggestions and all ideas.

Thank you.
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x Unread post xJess   - at 4:46 pm on Friday March 12‚ 2004 x
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x Jess Here's a new dictionary resource I just found. It's very useful with etymology, translations in various languages and pronunciation guide.


Not half bad..
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x Unread post xxMarc   - at 11:24 pm on Wednesday March 12‚ 2008 x
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x Marc jeez... I just saw this post... and thought it was today... but it was exactly 4 years ago...
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